Antigua VC Bird International Airport (ANU)
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(St. Johns, Antigua and Barbuda)

A popular Caribbean island nation, Antigua and Barbuda is comprised of two main islands, the southern island of Antigua and the more northerly island of Barbuda. With a population of approximately 1,500 inhabitants, Barbuda is the smaller of the two islands and most people here tend to live in the town of Codrington, on the western coast. Antigua is considerably bigger and has a total population of approximately 70,000 inhabitants, around 25,000 of which live in the capital of St. Johns.

Located on the north-eastern side of St. Johns, VC Bird International Airport dates back to the 1940s. The airport is currently being updated and expanded, and was named after Sir Vere Cornwall Bird in 1985, being formerly known as Antigua's Coolidge International Airport.

Antigua VC Bird International Airport (ANU) Maps: Important City Districts

A notable centre of commerce, St. Johns lies on the north-western side of Antigua, along the coastline. In the city itself are a number of prominent historic landmarks, such as the eye-catching 19th-century St. John's Cathedral and the mid-18th century Court House, which is now home to the popular Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. On the southern side of St. Johns, a regular farmers' market is amongst the main attractions, while other highlights include Heritage Quay and a fairly extensive shopping centre.

Close to St. Johns, other areas of interest include Deep Bay, Fort James, Runaway Bay, Dickenson Bay, Barnes Hill, Beggars Point and Long Island, all of which can be found on the northern side of Antigua.

Antigua and Barbuda Map

Antigua and Barbuda Map

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