Antigua VC Bird International Airport (ANU)
Driving Directions and Car Hire / Rental

(St. Johns, Antigua and Barbuda)

Standing around ten minutes north-east of St. Johns, VC Bird International Airport (ANU) is sited on the northern side of the island of Antigua and Barbuda. There are two primary road links to St. Johns. A short drive on either the Antigua Sugar Factory Road or the Old Parham Road (via the Airport road) will bring you into city.

Close to the VC Bird Airport, Barnes Hill, Osbourn, Potters Village and Saint Johnston Village are all nearby, together with the coastline.

Speed limits in St Johns, Antigua and Barbuda
Open roads: 64 kph / 40 mph
Towns and residential areas: 32 kph / 20 mph

Car Rental, Driving and Parking in St Johns

Plenty of car hire firms are located at VC Bird Airport. In addition to having a valid driver's license from home or an international driver's license, drivers must also obtain a temporary Antigua driving permit for driving on the island. This can be easily arranged through any of the rental companies for just a small charge. Booking in advance will allow you to drive the vehicle of your choice, although prices do vary according to the car and time of year.

Many of the roads around the island of Antigua and Barbuda are poorly maintained and lack adequate signposts, meaning that a good map is a necessity. The city of St. Johns can become a little hectic at times, although places to park are usually fairly easy to come by. Most rental cars at the VC Bird Airport are more than adequate, with 4WD jeeps generally being best for those intending to explore the more hilly stretches.

Antigua VC Bird International Airport (ANU) Airport Car Rental / Car Hire

The following car hire firms are located at Antigua Airport:

  • Avis
  • Capital Rentals and Tours
  • Carters
  • Dion's
  • Dollar
  • Jonas
  • Jacobs
  • Oakland
  • Richard's
  • Steads
  • Thrifty

Antigua VC Bird International Airport (ANU) Car Rental

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St Johns Airport ANU

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